Facebook: Ordered Friends List Initial Data disappears.

Sorry for my italian readers if I write this in english, but I decided to do this for all the visitors I am getting for my last post about that thing called “OrderedFriendsListInitialData“, a word in the Facebook code placed before a list of profile ID’s supposed to be your stalker list.
This fake thing bounced a lot in blog and forums in these days.

And from today (12/12/2012), there is another word instead, called “InitialChatFriendsList”.

InitialChatFriendsList Facebook

So, as I already explained here days ago, that is definitely not your stalker list. The name “Ordered Friends List” was jus a programming variable to list a bunch of profiles . Just the list of the profiles that your browser needs to load and render the chat box (and for example load their  profile pics).
That list is based on a lot of things like who you interact with the most, who is online, who is connected from mobile and some random people for tempting you to interact with.
Facebook’s life is based about connections between people, and tries in every way to increase them.
For example when you see, in a page, who in your friend list likes that page.

And in any case, what sense makes for Facebook developers to put that creepy, private and useless information in the page code?
Please.. 🙂
The only reason you read about that in that way is because it was the only way to make it so shared.

So, when some dupe guy jealous of his girlfriend says that you are a stalker, you can just link this post.

You’re welcome.








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